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War erupts as humes fall and robots rise... The fifth entry in this series keeps with the momentum that's re-established in VOLUME 4 . The war between flesh and metal officially kicks off and there'll be no turning back. HOW I RATED IT  5/5  High quality art, high octane pacing, and some fulfilling payoffs make this one of the strongest volumes in DESCENDER to date.  CHARACTERS Tim-21, Telsa, Quon, Andy, Eff, Driller, and the rest of the gang are back as Psius pulls the final strings to send the universe into chaos. As with before, perspective jumps around to the different parties: with Telsa and Quon struggling against the unhinged Tim-22, Tim-21 trying to escape Psius's ship to rescue them, Driller exploring a strange planet with his new friend, and Andy, Eff, and co. brought aboard Nagoki's flagship. It was cool to finally see Telsa's stern father in action as fleet commander as well as rewarding to have a brutal confrontation with Tim-22. I also enjoyed


Of metals and men... As a big fan of Sanderson's short fiction, it was high time I dove into one of the landmark series that put him on the map as one of the big names in Science Fiction and Fantasy.  HOW I RATED IT  4/5  With the minor (yet, for me, bothersome/distracting) gripe of how often passive verbiage is used (ex: had told vs. told ), this is by far one of the most gripping fantasy novels I have ever read.   WORLD/SETTING  Normally, I start a review with the characters in the story, but in this case, the setting of MISTBORN is so monumentally important that it deserves to come first (an impressive feat even for an author that's well known for his world building skills). Part of what helps here is that there is no major exposition dump and while the inner workings of the world are intricate, nothing is so complex that it distracts from the events within it. The core premise is that this is a world where a chosen one went to do battle with a daunting force for


Does whatever a Spider-Novel can... Serving as a prequel to this year's highly anticipated MARVEL'S SPIDER-MAN , a game exclusive to the PS4 console, this little novel serves as much more than a pre-release cash grab. I actually picked this up after completing the main portion of the game and enjoyed reading through it while waiting for the DLC chapters to be released.   HOW I RATED IT  4/5  Although the prose itself lacks any sort of distinct style or flare, this tie-in not only manages to do justice to the characters that appear in the video game, but also introduce a couple that exist solely within this story as well as surprise readers with sudden twists and interesting turns.  CHARACTERS The titular Spider-Man and his alter ego, Peter Parker, are naturally the central duo of this narrative, but there are a number of other characters who get some quality time with readers as well. Mary Jane, and Wilson Fisk (A.K.A. Kingpin) get chapters dedicated to shaping their p


Magic in the cold of winter... Set in the unforgiving Russian landscape during a time where a newly established Russian-Catholic Church clashes with the mystical beliefs of yore, a young woman comes into her own as an unlikely hero.  HOW I RATED IT  4/5  Deeply creative, un-apologetically raw, and packed with unique cultural perspective, this pseudo fairy tale is sure to delight a wide range of readers.   CHARACTERS The story primarily focuses on Vasya, the young heroine of this tale, but the perspective will shift back and forth between other characters as well such as her father, stepmother, Dunya, her brother, Alyosha, and Father Konstantin who serves as one of the narrative's antagonists. Vasya is a bright and wild girl that has trouble fitting into a society where girls are expected to grow into polite, obedient, and loyal homemakers who bear lots of children for their husbands and keep their houses warm (something easier said than done in this landscape). None of


4/5  An enjoyable, albeit brief science fiction romp that keeps readers guessing as to what comes next.  The story follows a part-human but mostly robot service bot that offers support to his team of specialists on their outpost. The story spends a bit of time developing the different members of their crew and their relationships with each other. As this is happening, the Murderbot, as he calls himself (though the team doesn't know he's killed people), is also fleshed out. It seems he's somehow broken through his security protocols which has led to him keeping some entertaining secrets. He has an affinity for downloading and streaming media, often binge-consuming it while on the job (definitely a violation in his code). We also get some insight into how estranged he feels from human interaction. There are even some funny moments where he's purposefully awkward so that he can avoid prolonged conversation with his crew.  Things take a turn for the more dire when other


All Hail Superman... The thrilling prequel comic to the INJUSTICE: GODS AMONG US video game concludes with the third volume of the fifth and final year which reminds readers that although the series has enjoyed plenty of spectacle, it's always really been about the characters.  HOW I RATED IT  5/5  While not as sweepingly spectacular as previous volumes, this one still has plenty of action that propels the story forward those final few steps to where players found things at the start of the game.  CHARACTERS Batman and Superman again take their place at center stage. The tension between them continues to be the main staple of the series and it's as good as it's ever been here. Damien Wayne has some great development as he descends even further into darkness while Catwoman comes to Superman, vouching for Batman's life. Harley Quinn completes her transformation into Harleen - a persona that is both a return to who she was before The Joker as well as someone brand