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Don't call him Batman... A graphic Novel adaptation of the DC ICONS novel by the same name, BATMAN: NIGHTWALKER takes a younger Bruce Wayne and tosses him into a world of maniacs and criminals long before he is ready to don a cape and cowl.  HOW I RATED IT  5/5  Though perhaps a bit slower paced than most Batman fans might expect, the new take on this classic character matched with a strong story structure and simple, yet strong visuals make for a unique read that's suitable for casual readers as well as hardcore fans.  CHARACTERS The obvious place to start here is with Bruce Wayne, who has just turned 18 when the story begins. His age isn't the only thing that sets him apart from the character most are familiar with though. Aside from the obligatory flashback to his parents' murders and some occasional moping, this a far more charming and optimistic version of Mr. Wayne than I think has ever been done before. He's still smart and resourc


When "God" has been killed... After the conclusion of the first entry in this trilogy, Vin and her friends have to figure out how to bring order to a world that they've thrown into chaos. Note that while there will be no major spoilers for THE WELL OF ASCENSION , elements of THE FINAL EMPIRE 's ending will be discussed. HOW I RATED IT  4/5  Though things start off pretty slow due to a lot of information about the rules of this world and it's magic systems being rehashed, there's still an engaging tale to be told, especially after the first fourth of the book. WORLD/SETTING  The world of  MISTBORN  is again noteworthy enough to be mentioned first. While a lot of elements that made it great carry over from the first book, what makes it feel so special all over again is how much the landscape has changed now that the Lord Ruler has been killed. It's interesting to see how the world tries to put itself back together now that the man that they ca