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Borrowing from mythologies from around the world,
Digitarum spins a wild tale of creation and destruction, life and death, and good and evil. Five gods are born into a world of absolute nothingness and are tasked with building a world. Each of them have their own special powers and talents which they lend toward this effort, but before long, darkness takes root within the world that they construct. The gods struggle against their enemy throughout the ages and despite all of their power, they find that evil is a cunning opponent which comes in many forms. They care for the world as it grows to new heights and serve as champions for the people that live within it. This sprawling tale spans from the birth of a world until the end of its days and takes readers on a journey that freshly combines familiar narrative ideas.

You can check out my debut novel on Amazon and Goodreads:


"Derek Bailey creates not just another world but a whole ‘nother reality; he has quite a vivid, detailed, and thorough imagination. What’s more, he is able to convey this other-reality universe and many generations of life in it with pretty good storytelling. The characters drive the action and make you want to keep reading till the end, and the end wraps up the plot nicely."

             - Mik Hetu author of Napism.Info

"I liked the writing style of this story as it had certain echoes of a story being told aloud. It seemed as though it was a fairly apt way to tell a vast story in a way that didn't feel too rushed, and was engaging."

           - Kitty G. YouTube Book Reviewer

"I was struck by the creativity and adroitness that the author used in crafting this unusual tale. It is a fast read and entertaining, from the first page to the final plot twist. This is a tale that literally will keep you guessing until the end..."

           - Harry Fox author of The Stonegate Sword

The Voidwalker Novellas:

A series of short novellas written in an episodic fashion. Currently, the first three are out and available on the Amazon Kindle store. Eight installments are planned in total with a new entry releasing every Wednesday until the final novella arrives on June 1, 2022.

#1 The Manor of My Dreams

Welcome to The Manor, where parties with only the finest food and most interesting of people are held. But is this place a paradise or a trap? Are the people here friends or enemies? Is it even real?

Part one of an eight-part series of short novellas, The Manor of My Dreams marks the beginning of a cerebral adventure that you won’t want to skip.

#2 Paradise's Vexation

Things have taken a dark turn at The Manor. Bryan needs to piece together what’s really happening to him. Is this all some kind of psychotic breakdown? Is it a tear in the fabric of reality or is he having some kind of paranormal encounter? The deeper he gets into uncovering the truth, the more he’ll realize that these answers come with a price.

Part two of an eight-part series of short novellas, Paradise’s Vexation reveals what Bryan is really up against in the dreamscape.

#3 Dark Horizon

Bryan finds himself struggling to cope with the horrors that have found him in the dreamscape. In spite of how much he’d like to believe that these are just crazy nightmares, he also needs to face the possibility that there could be something more serious going on. But can Bryan hold onto his wits during the waking hours of the day? Is he prepared to seek out the truth in the dreams that haunt his nights?

Part three of an eight-part series of short novellas, Dark Horizon takes readers deeper into the dark mystery of the manor.


A fiction blog I've started which aims to offer a new kind of narrative experience, all for free online. Gravitas takes inspiration from various types of fiction including plays and comics while still sorted in chapters like you might be used to in a novel. The story will be released on a chapter by chapter basis so the story will continue to grow past the chapters that are already posted. If you're looking for something a little different, then please do check this one out. 

You can find it here

Flash Fiction:

While not "published" exactly, there is a small collection of flash fiction building up right here on this blog. As the name of this fiction genre implies, you can read these in a flash. So far the collection includes: 

The Midnight Lake:

Less a piece of fiction and more of a passion pet project of sorts. "The Midnight Lake" combines high contrast illustrations with playful poetry and a mystical audio track. It was quite the challenge to put together, but I think I'm proud of the end result. Like my pieces of Flash Fiction, "The Midnight Lake" can be viewed right here on this blog. 


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