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When the world ends... Vin and her friends try to piece together all the clues left by The Lord Ruler before Ruin destroys the world.   Note that while there will be no major spoilers for  THE HERO OF AGES , spoilers from the prior two books,  THE FINAL EMPIRE  and THE WELL OF ASCENTION, will be discussed. HOW I RATED IT  5/5  Big stories like this one really all come down to how they stick the landing. In spite of some slower pacing in the second act, this is one finale that absolutely delivers on all the promise of the books leading up to it. WORLD/SETTING  The world of  MISTBORN  is once again one of the most iconic and engrossing elements of this installment as it was in the previous books. The state of this fictional world is far more dire than it ever has been before though. While THE WELL OF ASCENTION dealt with the fallout of The Lord Ruler's death, THE HERO OF AGES shows it the the brink of destruction. We also get to see far more of it this time around with different c

The Voidwalker Novellas Resume!

After a long time away from both this blog and writing in general, I am finally trying to get back in touch with my creative and bookish side. As a part of that, I have been hard at work wrapping up a project I started back in 2015 known as THE VOIDWALKER NOVELLAS which is a series of eight episodic novellas that follow a character named Bryan through a dark fantasy thriller.  The first two entries into the series were released back in 2016, but I didn't market them at all or even seek out any reviews since I had to step away from the project almost immediately after those titles launched. Now, years later the rest of the books will be launching every Wednesday until June 1, when the eight and final novella releases on Kindle.  Dark Horizon : on sale now In celebration of this launch, the first two novellas free all day on 2/27/22. Definitely check those out and maybe give them a download while they are up for grabs.  The Manor of My Dreams: free for today only   (expired) Paradi