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Though religion is not a huge part of this blog, it does have a significant spot in my life. Like many trying to live a life of faith, I often find myself stumbling along the path I'd like to walk. It's easy to forget the basics and loose perspective on the things that should matter most to me. The world is a noisy place with lots of noisy people who want to impose their values upon you which can make things hard for Christians (really people of any faith). This is why I picked up REDISCOVER JESUS: AN INVITATION  by Matthew Kelly. I'm not a huge connoisseur of faith-based self-help or even theology books, but they gave free copies of this one out at church so I took the invitation . 5/5  Short, simple, and frankly, not too preachy or pretentious, this honest and earnest examination of how to reground yourself in your faith was well worth the first as well as future readthroughs. BEST AUDIENCE(S) This book is definitely targeted towards people who are already act


As someone who enjoys drawing a great deal, I am always looking for ways to improve my current skills as well as to pick up new ones or just expand the styles I feel comfortable working with. A good learn-to-draw book can be far more useful than any art class, but they can also be very difficult to find. Some are too fancy, others too specific, and some just don't actually contain any great step-by-step guides for how to do what you're trying to do.  4/5 While not truly all-encompassing, and sometimes a little inconsistent in the tutorial sections, this how-to guide does cover a variety of comic book styles and serves as both a great starting point for those learning to draw cool characters, vehicles, and scenes as well as a valuable reference for those who are simply trying improve upon the skills they've already started to develop.  BEST AUDIENCE(S) This book can definitely service two different types of artists-in-training: (1) Beginners Each secti


Depending on how you look at it, January is either famous or infamous for being a month in which everyone wants to set a resolution to do something they are not doing today. While I don't want to put that down, I usually prefer to simply improve upon something that I am already doing or get back into something I've been away from for a little while. This reflects itself in my reading choices for January, which hone in on two very different areas of self-improvement.  The first is THE COMPLETE GUIDE TO DRAWING COMICS which I picked up because I can never really get enough drawing resources.  The second is Matthew Kelly's REDISCOVER JESUS: AN INVITATION which was given out as a gift to anyone interested at the church I go to. It was an invitation that I didn't intend to pass up on.  The selection may seem a bizzarely random, but my faith and my artistry are two things I take very seriously, yet somehow don't give as much attention to as I should