Monday, January 29, 2018


Depending on how you look at it, January is either famous or infamous for being a month in which everyone wants to set a resolution to do something they are not doing today. While I don't want to put that down, I usually prefer to simply improve upon something that I am already doing or get back into something I've been away from for a little while. This reflects itself in my reading choices for January, which hone in on two very different areas of self-improvement. 

The first is THE COMPLETE GUIDE TO DRAWING COMICS which I picked up because I can never really get enough drawing resources. 

The second is Matthew Kelly's REDISCOVER JESUS: AN INVITATION which was given out as a gift to anyone interested at the church I go to. It was an invitation that I didn't intend to pass up on. 

The selection may seem a bizzarely random, but my faith and my artistry are two things I take very seriously, yet somehow don't give as much attention to as I should. Perhaps I stick to changing that in the new year, but if not, I think I am still better for having read these books. 

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