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Two tales of magic and mystery... INTRODUCTION  THE KING'S JUSTICE intrigued me because it is actually a collection of two novellas. Length-wise it comes out to about the same number of pages as a shorter novel so it's still a pretty good value proposition. I was pleased to find that while both THE KING'S JUSTICE and THE AUGER'S GAMBIT have similar tones and themes, they play out in very different narrative structures and feature two distinctly separate leads. HOW I RATED IT  4/5  While not mind-blowing or even terribly deep, it was easy to appreciate the creativity in the characters and story as well as the consistency and coherence in each episode's respective magic systems.  Broken down are my thoughts for each of the novellas: ~~***~~ THE KING'S JUSTICE CHARACTERS This novella stars a man who goes by the name of Black. His dark and moody moniker is matched by his mysterious behavior and sometimes dour attitude. Initially, I found him to


In 2015, I did a New 52 November where I read through a bunch of first volumes for the New 52 DC comics line that I got on the cheap. This year, I am back with more alliteration, but a very different theme. To kick things off, I will be sharing the first two installments of THE VOIDWALKER NOVELLAS for free on Amazon. These two serve as a pilot of sorts for the series as they introduce readers to Bryan Daley, a man plagued by strange and extravagant dreams that may or may not be the start of some serious problems during his waking life. Although the project has been dormant for a while due to other thing going on in my life/career, I've recently been hard at work getting the remaining six novellas put together. At this time, I'm hoping to get some reactions to these first two books especially when it comes to getting insight on how I should release the rest of the series (two at a time, one every so often, one big delivery of the rest of them, etc.). Here is when and where