Saturday, November 11, 2017


In 2015, I did a New 52 November where I read through a bunch of first volumes for the New 52 DC comics line that I got on the cheap. This year, I am back with more alliteration, but a very different theme.

To kick things off, I will be sharing the first two installments of THE VOIDWALKER NOVELLAS for free on Amazon. These two serve as a pilot of sorts for the series as they introduce readers to Bryan Daley, a man plagued by strange and extravagant dreams that may or may not be the start of some serious problems during his waking life. Although the project has been dormant for a while due to other thing going on in my life/career, I've recently been hard at work getting the remaining six novellas put together. At this time, I'm hoping to get some reactions to these first two books especially when it comes to getting insight on how I should release the rest of the series (two at a time, one every so often, one big delivery of the rest of them, etc.).

Here is when and where you can pick these two up if you're interested in checking them out:
Free from today (Saturday 11/11/17 until Monday 11/14/17)
Free from today (Sunday 11/12/17 until Monday 11/14/17)

But it's not all about the writing this November, I will also be reading and reviewing Stephen R. Donaldson's THE KING'S JUSTICE: TWO NOVELLAS which, as the title indicates, is a collection of two novellas. I'm partway through the first of these now and it's been a weird, but fun adventure so far so I'm excited to continue through this.

Time permitting, I'll try to get through one more novella, probably in eBook form, but that's probably getting ahead of myself a tiny bit. 

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