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Welcome to the Machine Moon... INTRODUCTION  When I turned the last page of DESCENDER VOLUME 1: TIN STARS , I was left utterly stunned and wanting more of this brilliant science fiction universe. The world was intriguing and vast. The characters were edgy and unique. The plot evolved methodically, becoming more and more complex as the volume went on. This had just about everything I could ever want from a piece of graphic fiction including beautiful water-color inspired artwork.  I don't know why it took me so long to dive into the series's second volume, but now I've finally rejoined Tim-21 on his adventure. HOW I RATED IT  4/5  It doesn't get everything 100% right, but this second installment definitely manages to deliver on some quality science fiction fun. While I would have liked to see some better character management and a more exciting plot, this was still a very worthy entry into the series that seems to be setting up some bigger and more interesting thi


INTRODUCTION  While venturing around a local comic book shop, I discovered a limited run series called WRAITHBORN REDUX from the creators of LADY MECHANICA. I mentioned this series in a Review Roundup  post for comic issues I received during Free Comic Book Day earlier this year. I praised the special issue for it's gripping world, strong female character, and stunningly detailed artwork. So far my only hesitation to dive into that series is simply that I still have a couple other graphic novel volumes to read before I can really justify buying any more. But something felt really appealing about WRAITHBORN in that I could just buy up the six issues right then and there and enjoy the story from start to finish. I also thought it would be cool to own the whole run of a comic series, however brief it might be. I've listed my thoughts below on each of issues as I read through them and finished with my impressions on the series as a whole. Issue # 1 5/5  The Wraithborn is bor


2017 is a year that I hope to be focus on content creation. This includes stepping up my efforts in the original fiction I create as well as trying to write more regular (or at least more consistent) posts. Here are some of the goals I'm looking to achieve in this new year.  READING: Unfortunately, I failed to meet my 2016 goal of reading 30 books, making it to only 25 . I had a very hectic year both personally and professionally and since there's no sign of things really slowing down, I've decided to set my 2017 goal as 15 books , but if I start off strong, I will increase that to 20 . Though I'm reducing my reading objectives, I would actually like to release posts a little more consistently, even if that means doing more review roundups of comics or posts on shorter fiction. To start, I will be reviewing: The remaining two issues of WRAITHBORN REDUX I've been loving this series so far so I'm excited to see how the series ends and finish