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INTRODUCTION I guess I just couldn't stay away from this series for too long! ATOMIC ROBO: THE CRYSTALS ARE INTEGRAL COLLECTION  picks up where the last collection ended. It groups Volumes 4, 5, and 6 of the ATOMIC ROBO series together and provides at least 15 more issues of zany ridiculousness for readers to enjoy. While this collection was every bit as fantastic as the last, this review will be a "Mini" one because a lot of the things I mentioned in my review of T HE EVERYTHING EXPLODES COLLECTION are pretty much the same here. HOW I RATED IT 4/5 While still hardly a masterpiece in any respect, I did find myself enjoying this set of volumes that much more than I did the last for a couple of key reasons. CHARACTERS One area that this collection steps it up in is with the characters. Robo is as great as ever, but we get to see more of Jenkins! I don't know why this badass is so amazing. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that he can wear a full sam


INTRODUCTION Before jumping into the review, I'd like to thank author Cy Wyss for the free digital copy of DIMORPHIC . Cy is the author of "Sinking" a short story starring Inspector Richter. I enjoyed this piece of short fiction so one could probably imagine how excited I was to be gifted a full length novel by the author. I was even more intrigued after reading the book's synopsis because it sounded very different from the type of narrative experience I enjoyed in "Sinking." DIMORPHIC is a story that's less about uncovering the truth about a murder and more about the journey of a superhero. However this hero (or maybe heroes depending on how you look at it) is not of the ordinary flavor. Judith and Ethan are fraternal twins whose lives change forever when Ethan "dies" in a tragic motorsport accident. Immediately after his passing, Judith finds that she takes over his body every time she goes to sleep and wakes up in her own when she goes to


A new year means a new set of BookTube SFF Awards Readalongs to enjoy. I did not quite finish all of the books I meant to read last year for this event, but did pick up some great reads like THE MARTIAN , RAT QUEENS VOLUME 1: SASS AND SORCERY , and SIXTH OF THE DUSK . I find myself a bit busier for the time being, but still want to participate in the readalongs, so I have condensed my goal down to 3 pieces of fiction, one from each of the three categories: Novel, Graphic Novel, and Short Fiction/Novella. The titles I will be reading along with the dates the readalongs are scheduled for are:  DESCENDER VOLUME 1: TIN STARS (Graphic Novel) by Jeff Lemire, Dustin Nguyen, and Steve Wands March 16-31 (happenning now) ILLUMINAE (Novel) by Jay Kristoff and Amie Kaufman March 22 - April 11 PERFECT STATE (Short Fiction) by Brandon Sanderson April 12-30 There's still plenty of time if you too would like to join in on the fun. It's a great group moderated by so


INTRODUCTION  Sometimes, you do all the right things at the bookstore. You look through a section that has your favorite type of book, you grab one that looks like it's a good length, it has a decent or even spectacular cover, the synopsis is good, the Goodreads score is pretty good, and what little you read of it seems like it's something that will love. You're excited to read it, but when you finally do, it's just a bundle of disappointments stacked on top of each other. I use the second person in this scenario because I'd like to think I'm not the only person that this has happened to. Unfortunately this is pretty much the experience I had with Glen Cook's SUNG IN BLOOD , a fantasy book that seemed like it would be a quick little hit for me yet somehow managed to feel like it took forever to get through in spite of it being less than two hundred pages long. Now this might be a harsh way to open a review and it's important to set the precedent that


INTRODUCTION Every now and then, it's fun for me to read something a bit whimsical. It can be nice to delve into something that doesn't take itself all that seriously and doesn't really grip me in the way that something darker and more serious would. ATOMIC ROBO: THE EVERYTHING EXPLODES COLLECTION is one of those works that is really only meant to entertain. And that is just what this comic series does. Normally when I read and review comics, I do so by volume, but this work actually collects volumes 1-3 in the series. I'm not quite sure how many individual issues that comes out to exactly (I didn't count), but I think it's probably at least 15. I'm very glad my friend introduced me to this series and I had great fun with it the whole way through. An exciting opening action scene HOW I RATED IT 3/5 It's a charming piece of graphic fiction and I really did like it, but I didn't REALLY like it, so that's why it's getting a 3/5.  I thi