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INTRODUCTION  It's always nice to try out something that I'm not 100% sure that I will like. This can mean reading something that doesn't fall within my typical scifi/fantasy genre preferences, reading something in a different kind of format (novella, comic, etc.), or just trying out a book that loosely relates to something I like. The latter of these is where SOMEWHERE IN BETWEEN fell for me. It's a fantasy novel of sorts, but not you're typical knights, dragons, and quests type stuff. It's instead a book about two young people who find a mystical "in-between place" and use it to cope with their adolescent woes. I discovered it at a local bookstore and was intrigued by the premise of it as well as by the fact that it was by a lesser known author named Katie Li and a relatively nearby small press called Kung Fu Girl Books. It's also very short, coming in at only 138 pages on a typical paperback-sized product and with some heavy indentation at th


2015 saw the rejuvenation of my love for books. Unfortunately, it also saw the top of my dresser getting overrun by a mass of disorganized heaps of books. I did my best to contain the humble collection, but it made a not so humble mess. So in an effort to remedy my nonexistent book storing strategy, I purchased a tabletop bookshelf. Below you can see my books looking happily put away, the way books deserve to be treated.  I realize that it is often customary to show a before and after shot with this sort of thing, but in this case, there was actually just no "before" to speak of. Now not only my books can hang out, but also other little knick-knacks that would otherwise be scattered all over the place.  Keeping my books more organized and put together wasn't so much a new year's resolution or anything, but I'm glad I did it. And if you have a collection of books that are mounting someplace in your own home, you might want to look into g