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As it stands right now, I have read 19 books out of my goal for 20 books read in 2015. When I initially set this goal, I was very skeptical about my ability/commitment to complete this goal. Now that I'm here in August of 2015 (and didn't start the challenge until around April) I think I should have set the bar a bit higher, but since this is the first year that I have been on Goodreads and been able to do the challenge, I'd say it's been a very satisfying challenge so far and I look forward to completing it and then continuing to add to the list of books read in 2015. What's even better is that I am currently reading four books and I really don't know which one will be my #20. I know I'm technically the one in control of which one gets finished first, but as it stands, I'm just kind of chugging through each of them for different reasons, in different settings, at different paces so I actually just don't know which one of the following it wi


INTRODUCTION  Humor is one of those things that I often stay away from in entertainment. All too often, it just doesn't appeal to me. I get the sense that writers think they're more clever than they actually are or that the sense of humor is so far beyond the boundaries of what I consider reality that it just doesn't feel authentic. For me, jokes are best served in the midst of misfortune or general angst. Life can definitely be funny if you choose to look at it in such a way, but its not all jokes and laughs all the time. Humor is an important part of the human condition and like any other human element, it feels flat when too much emphasis is placed  upon it. That's why when a work manages to create a silly tale that is balanced out with other emotional qualities, it resonates with me in the way that all fiction should. RAT QUEENS is a series that managed to make me laugh throughout it's pages while also feeling connected to the characters, story, and world.

UPDATE: 8/4/15

My TBR is cleaned up, the awards readalongs have begun, and I have posted reviews for  Whispers of the World that Was  (4),  Sinking  (4),  The Hunger Games  (5), and  Catching Fire  (5). It seems like I will be running off of a monthly reading schedule after all since I am participating in the BookTubeSFF Awards readalongs and have a goal of reading two of the books from each month (August, September, and October). This will have a lot of influence on what it is I read from now until the end of October so things will be a little different from the update post I made in June. So here's what is going on for me in the month of August: I'm currently reading: The Martian   by Andy Weir  Up for the Best Novel award in the BookTubeSFF Awards. This is my primary read in the month of August and one that I have greatly anticipated due to all the great things I've heard about it. I'm only about sixty pages in, but I like what I see so far! Unstable Prototypes  (Big


INTRODUCTION After going through my list of planned reads here are the results of what I'll definitely keep and what I will be passing on. To keep things a bit shorter than the first post, I will group these in a somewhat more concise way. If something's been removed, then I will provide a bit of justification as to why something didn't keep my interest upon giving it a second look or why I selected one book over another. BOOKS IN SERIES I HAVE ALREADY STARTED (And Knew I Would Continue) These are all books that belong to series I have already begun. Because they are series I will like, I will most definitely be reading all of these: Mockingjay  by Suzanne Collins Kinslayer  by Jay Kristoff Endsigner  by Jay Kristoff Injustice Year Two Volume 1  by Tom Taylor Injustice Year Two Volume 2  by Tom Taylor Artificial Evolution  by Joseph R. Lallo BOOKS I PICKED FROM THE BOOKTUBE AWARDS READALONGS There are six books scheduled to be read each month from August t