As it stands right now, I have read 19 books out of my goal for 20 books read in 2015. When I initially set this goal, I was very skeptical about my ability/commitment to complete this goal. Now that I'm here in August of 2015 (and didn't start the challenge until around April) I think I should have set the bar a bit higher, but since this is the first year that I have been on Goodreads and been able to do the challenge, I'd say it's been a very satisfying challenge so far and I look forward to completing it and then continuing to add to the list of books read in 2015. What's even better is that I am currently reading four books and I really don't know which one will be my #20. I know I'm technically the one in control of which one gets finished first, but as it stands, I'm just kind of chugging through each of them for different reasons, in different settings, at different paces so I actually just don't know which one of the following it will be:

The Martian by Andy Weir
Having already read and reviewed Rat Queens, this is my only August readalong with the BookTubeSFF Awards Goodreads group. I like it a lot so far (I'm 58% of the way through) and it will definitely be done by the end of August but since I only have so much time to sit down with a paperback, I'm not really sure if I'll finish it before the others. 

Grim's Fairy Stories by Jacob Grim
I've been listening to this one as an audio-book whenever I have to iron my work clothes. That only really happens once a week so it's unlikely that this will be my #20, but it could be, you never know (I'm currently 72% done with it). Frankly, I'd actually rather this not be the book that completes my challenge since the cover is kind of boring. These classic tales, while interesting and worth a read, also just aren't as good as more modern takes on this sort of fiction. It's really cool to go back and appreciate the literature that paved the way for things we enjoyed today, but it's also kind of strange to see how much better today's fairy tales or fairy tale inspired works are compared to the original source material.

Unstable Prototypes by Joseph R. Lallo
I've been chugging away at this one since July. It's really enjoyable and entertaining, but has no real sense of urgency so it's very uncertain as to whether it will be complete before others. This does happen to be the one that I'm deepest into (84% done), but it is also the longest of the four so what little percentage I have left actually adds up to a pretty decent amount of reading time. It's got a gorgeous cover and is a worthwhile read so it would make a very worthy last entry to my twenty-book goal.

Brooding City by Tom Shutt
I literally just picked this one up yesterday from a fellow indie author. It doesn't actually come out until September which makes this an ARC, but from what I can tell so far, this is a completely finished work that's just in need of a few early reviews. In exchange for a free copy, I am happy to oblige. This one has a ways to go if it's going to make #20 (I'm 17% done), but it's also a shorter work so if I have a couple of good sit-downs with this, then it could make it.

So I suppose I'll have to see which one I get around to completing first!


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