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A tale of young heroes and their OKRs...

There are plenty of books out there that boast being able to help you solve all your business-y problems, but few that actually deliver anything meaningful or at least tangibly actionable - many too entrenched in theory rather than practice. RADICAL FOCUS manages to find a place among those few while also handling the subject in a delightfully surprising way that some may just even describe as radical

5/5 Not only is this book clearly written from actual experience, but it also leaves things broad enough for you to have an open mental dialog with the text that helps relate back to how you might be able to use the material AND manages to cover the it all in a fun and engaging manner. 

The book mainly advertises that it is about OKRs which stands for Objectives and Key Results. The idea is that using these can help you better understand how your team and product are doing by setting aggressive, but achievable goals for yourselves that help you obtain (and define) success. Really though, the book does a nice job covering agile product development and product management in general from a business point of view. It even delves into things like dealing with difficult team members and having conversations which left me impressed by just how much ground was covered in such a short time.

The way all this information is laid out may be the main draw of the book over others that cover similar ground. It's written in two parts: the first being a fable of sorts that illustrate the various struggles a team may have when delivering a product as well and how those can be overcome, the second being some sections that break down and analyze how it all works. I personally loved the way this was done, as I was able to enjoy a narrative-style case study of sorts that demonstrated the books core concepts and then had a chance to dive a little deeper into their theory and practical application afterwards. 

This is a short, but sweet read for really anyone in the business world as I believe the main ideas covered could be applicable to a lot of different things. The materials are delivered in an engaging manner to boot which makes it that much quicker to read through. I don't know if I'll immediately convert over to everything outlined in the fable, but I do feel better off for having read through these ideas and thinking about how they can tie back into what I do today. 

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