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Although I literally just committed to trying to making more frequent updates on this blog, it has been some time since I've given it any attention. What I've been up to since my last post is constructing a companion blog to this one. It's called Gravitas and while this blog is centered around reviews,  Gravitas  will be all about original fiction in which a large-scale science fiction and fantasy story will be told. I hesitate to call it a novel since it's delivery will be very different from what one would consider typical of a novel, namely in that this will be released chapter by chapter. I'm still working on getting a full launch prepared, but the Prologue is up for any who would like to check it out. In preparation for the more official launch of the blog, I will create three character profiles for some of the key "personae" in this new story. Click the pictures below to be taken to each of the hidden pages.  Jansen Cor Kansomatharin