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INTRODUCTION  Derek Edginton is an indie author who I've been in contact with for a good while now. I've started reading his new novel, IMMORTAL: CURSE OF THE DEATHLESS and am really enjoying it, but because I've been in the process of moving, I haven't had much time for books so I picked up his short story, "Pandemonium." It served as a nice quick fix before I began the crazy process that is moving out of one place and into another. HOW I RATED IT  4/5  "Pandemonium" is fast paced and filled with lots of high octane action that creates an atmosphere of chaotic intrigue. It's darkly creative, but definitely moves a little fast for readers to fully connect with the characters or the world in the way they might want to. CHARACTERS Since this is a short story, the cast does stay pretty tight. There's the protagonist, antagonist, a character who drives the action forward and a woman of great power. One thing that is pretty interesting a


For the better part of the last week to two weeks, I've been busy with moving myself out of my parents' house and into an apartment. The process has pulled me away from reading and writing for a while, but as I approach being fully unpacked and settled, I'll be getting going on both as well as with unpacking the little treasures pictured below: As I get myself further situated, expect to see new reviews, updates, news, and some pictures of my new bookcase once it comes in and I get it all set up!