Saturday, January 16, 2016


A new year means that it's time for a new Goodreads challenge which means new books! There are some things that I am still wrapping up from 2015, but all in all, I'm very excited for what the new year will bring in terms of reading. 

Kicking things off is the completion of The Immortal Iron Fist series. Volume 4 and Volume 5 are the first two books I have read in the new year and the reviews for all of the volumes can be found in my Review Roundup post.

Currently in Progress is The Goblin Emperor. I kind of put this one on hold for a bit to do other things, but am back into it now and looking forward to finally reading through to the end. 

Still to be started is The Immortal Weapons, a graphic novel offshoot from The Immortal Iron Fist series. I'm stoked to have just a little bit more time to spend with these characters and can't wait to see what this collection of comics entails. 

It's a pretty solid way to start  my 2016 Reading Challenge and am looking forward to more great reads between now and December 31st. I've also been hard at work creating new pieces of fiction and am very excited to share more news on those projects during the coming months.

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