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INTRODUCTION The tricky thing with fantasy is that it tends to be a bit of a hit or a miss for most. There is just a lot of risk in spinning a tale of wild adventure and in spite of what Literature "experts" would have us believe, there really is not a single winning formula to tell the "hero's tale." Sometimes fantasy is too complicated or extravagant, others it is convoluted and dull, but sometimes a story fails to entertain simply because it lacks a certain magic or thrill. Kazuo Ishiguro's THE BURRIED GIANT fell into the third category for me. It came recommended to me by a fellow indie author (the book itself is not indie) and the premise, along with this gentleman's review of it intrigued me. It is a relatively charming tale starring a lovely elderly couple who are on a quest to reunite with their son whom they have not seen in many years. Along the way they will meet a brave warrior, an old knight of King Arthur's court, and a cursed boy.


This post comes a little later than I intended and in truth, things are a bit backlogged for this blog in general. There are books I've read and need to review, a book I meant to read last month that has spilled over into this one, and plenty more I need to start up before the end of 2015. I have a lot of reading (and writing) planned for December so here are the things I am looking at covering. THE MARVEL IN MARVELOUS I've spent a lot of time reading through DC comics even though I claim to enjoy both DC and Marvel. With only a month left in the year and a whole bunch of Marvel comics lent to me by a friend, this seemed like the time to remedy that. Mainly I will be Reading THE IMMORTAL IRON FIST, a five volume series as well as the spin off volume which follows The Immortal Weapons (a group that is heavily featured in Iron Fist's series). Rounding off my Marvel Reading List is MARVEL 1602 , a Neil Gaiman special which features eight issues of marvel heroes in an altern