UPDATE: BOOK HAUL(S) - 10/5/2015

Normally I buy books 1 or 2 at a time and only do so right before I want to read them. I do own a couple that I have yet to get to, but I'm not typically one for "hauls." Recently I had two smaller ones, but these have added up a pretty decent amount of books (for me at least). 


The 26th of September was National Batman Day (maybe international, who knows). I know this because I got an email saying so. In said email was mention of some contests one could enter for free, but also that a whole bunch of comics and graphic novels were heavily discounted, so I trucked it over to Amazon and these are the results.

Batman The Long Halloween 
(Jeph Loeb and Tim Sale)
I'd heard a lot about this one, but really had no idea what I was getting into other than the fact that it is an older and highly beloved work. I've actually already read this one and the review for it will be going up shortly.

Batman Arkham Asylum
(Grant Morrison and Dave McKean)
I've played the video game of the same name that was inspired by this work. I'm sure the story-lines are not an exact match, but I'm still excited to dig into the graphic novel that one of my favorite video games is based on.

Batman Vol. 1: The Court of Owls 
(Scott Snyder, Greg Capulio, and Jonathan Glapion)
I've been actively avoiding mainstream comics because of how confusing they can be. DC's New 52 initiative is supposed to make the world of comics more accessible to newcomers, but I've got to say, it's still confusing as hell. Half of the volumes I looked at during the graphic novel sale were actually story-lines that somehow springboard off of the main Batman New 52 thread and it's not always clear that a volume belongs to the New 52 such as with one called Batman Eternal.Basically, I'm giving it a shot and just starting with the most basic of basic volumes. I'll see how that goes. 

Batman: The Complete Hush 
(Joseph Loeb, Lim Lee, and Scott Williams)
I love Jim Lee's art style, but have never actually read anything featuring his artwork. I'm also intrigued by the character, Hush. Technically this is a collection of comics pulled from the main Batman comic series, but because it is packaged as a graphic novel, I am hoping that there is enough here so that I won't be terribly confused. 


The Goblin Emperor
(Katherine Addison)
One of the October SFF reads. I picked this up in hard copy thinking it was a much larger book, but it's actually printed on small pages so this may not be so tough to get through.

Sixth of Dusk
(Brandon Sanderson)
I wasn't sure if I could get two full novels in this month since both of them seemed quite long so I decided to go with a short fiction nominee for my second SFF read during this third and final month. 

Marvel 1602
(Niel Gaiman, Andy Kubert, and Richard Isanove)
While I was picking up The Goblin Emperor, I decided to wander around the bookstore a bit to see what else they had and found this collection of comics by Neil Gaiman. I'd seen someone else's copy a little while ago and flipped through its pages. Ever since then I've wanted to pick it up since it probably doesn't require any knowledge of the greater Marvel Universe to enjoy and it has gorgeous art. I've also been exclusively reading DC comics despite my liking both brands so it was high time I read some Marvel (AND some Gaiman at the same time).


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