Thursday, September 3, 2015


What is a Book Talk? Why do one? Why not just stick with standard reviews? To be totally clear, reviews won't be going anywhere. They will continue to be the major attraction of this blog and my favorite part of running it.

Book Talks are a new feature coming up because there are certain books I'd like to post about but might not feel comfortable or inclined to do a full review for. These might include books that are considered classics, books I read a while back and may not remember all of the details on, or books that I didn't care for due to my own preferences rather than by any fault of the work itself.

Ultimately these will just be a less formal sort of post about my reactions to Fiction that would feel weird to review. The first of these will be on Grim's Fairy Stories. While I may still post a short review of this on Amazon and Goodreads in regards to the audio book edition, it definitely feels rather bold to write a full review on these beloved and classic tales.

Keep an eye out for that post and more to come like it!

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