UPDATE: 6/4/2015

Now that I am all caught up on the reviews that I've already done, the posts can come at a much steadier pace as well as have a bit more diversity in their subject matter. I'll still keep the reviews coming as fast as I can, but now I'll be able to provide different kinds of posts as well.

I'm currently reading:
  • Stormdancer by Jay Kristoff
    • I bought the hardcover for this a little while ago.  A lot of bookTubers talk about it. From everything people were saying, I felt pretty confident that this one would be a huge hit for me and I loved the cover so I went ahead and got the printed edition of it. I'm 70 pages in and really liking it so far. It's a fantasy title so there is a lot of world building and cast development that is still going on, but it's all really wonderful so it's not like it drags or anything like that. Due to the fact that I have it in print though, it is taking me a little longer to read than some of the eBooks I've been going through. When I do get a chance to sit down and read a few chapters, though, it has proven to be a treat each time.
  • Fade to Black by Tim McBain and L.T. Vargus
    • This is an indie book that I picked up. One of the authors followed me on Twitter shortly after I published Digitarum and sent me a very interesting message about how she'd drink drano to get me to read the free sample of this book. I did check it out, but asked that she hold on the drano. The sample was pretty good, but I was reading a few other things at the time, so I just put it on my Goodreads To-Read list and that's where it stayed for a bit. Then one of the eBook promotion sites that I follow announced that this one was available for free for a couple of days, so naturally I jumped on the opportunity and picked it up since I really wasn't sure if I had any interest in buying myself a copy or not. So far I'm only about 25% done with it and honestly still not sure about it. It's this really interesting paranormal suspense novel that's not super long and moves pretty quickly, plus it's darkly funny. While that probably sounds pretty fun, there's something about it that just hasn't connected with me. I think maybe I just don't care enough about the characters for the suspense elements to mean anything. If my life depended on giving it a rating right now, I'd say its probably a 3/5, but I'm sincerely hoping that it winds up being more than that. It's still early though so maybe things will pick up and I'll start loving it. Suspense plots do take a while to develop and it got really high ratings so I'm expecting things to get better as I go on.
  • Hollow Towns by Anne Livi Andrews
    • This author is a prominent member in the indie community. She runs a Goodreads group geared at supporting indie authors and she does a TON of reviews for other people. I reached out and asked if there was anything she'd like done for her and low and behold, she was just starting up a Pubslush campaign for her new book: HOLLOW TOWNS which I received and ARC of (ARC = some term in the literary community meaning advanced copy, proof, non-official, or pre-final edit version or something of that nature). I'm about 70 pages in and while the first 20-30 were kind of slow for me, the story has really picked up and I'm pretty into it at this point. I've got no idea where it will go, but am very excited to find out. You can check out the campaign if you'd like by going HERE, I think it's a work that's definitely worth supporting. 

I'm planning on reading:
  • The Hunger Games: Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins
    • I've already read the first book in this trilogy, but have yet to review it. I now have both in paperback so I will probably re-read the first book, review it, and then dive into the second one. I may also jump straight into a review of the first since I remember a lot of it quite vividly despite it being a while since I completed it. Still, the proper thing to do would probably be to re-read it first since I do sometimes get confused as to what happens in the movies vs. how things play out in the books. Because these are both printed copies, I will not be touching them until after I have finished with Stormdancer.
  • The Devil's Child by Melissa Silvey
    • Since I was given the second book in this trilogy in exchange for another honest review, I will be getting around to this one, most likely once I have wrapped up Fade to Black.
  • Injustice Vol. 2 by Tom Taylor
    • I recently posted the review for Vol. 1 and it is absolutely my intent to continue this fantastic series once I pick up the Kindle version of Vol. 2. I think that I will probably snag it once I finish with Fade to Black and then read it alongside The Devil's Child
  • Unstable Prototypes (Big Sigma Book 2) by Joseph R. Lallo
    • Now that I'm hooked on this series, I will eventually be picking this one up. Since I already have a copy of The Devil's Child, it makes sense to hold off on this one for a bit, but it's definitely on my radar. 
I'm currently writing:
  • I recently finished my most recent ghost writing project. I'm sure there's a couple more things to be done before it's all over, but for now I have a bit more time for my own writing. 
  • I'm still chipping away at laying down the groundwork for my next big thing. Sometime in the near future I hope to have a sort of early teaser for it in the form of either a synopsis, or a piece of artwork, or both! 
  • No word yet on the short story contest I entered,  but  I'm hoping to hear something relatively soon now that the submission period is over. 
  • Digitarum may be published, but it's my intention to continue supporting it with fun new content. This may mean artwork, trivia bits, insight into the creative process, or anything else that might be interesting. 


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