UPDATE: 6/17/2015

I feel that the blog is well underway now. Previous content is posted and several new items were added including the reviews for Hollow Towns which was pretty great and Fade to Black which unfortunately left a bit to be desired. While I did not finish Stormdancer as part of this round, I will be making sure to get it read before my next reading cycle. I also managed to construct a set of trivia for Digitarum and rather enjoyed it so I will be creating more types of new content like that as time goes on.

I'm currently reading:

Unlike the last round I will be finishing ALL four of these before picking up anything else.
  • Stormdancer (The Lotus War Book 1) by Jay Kristoff
    •  I'm still working my way through Kristoff's Japanese (inspired) steampunk Fantasy epic. I'm about halfway through and really loving the imaginative world that has been created here. The only real reason this is taking me so long is that I have it in paper format so I am really only reading it when I have time to sit down with it and I've read a couple ARCs in PDF format which is cutting into the time I would spend with this book. I am determined to finish this book soon though since I really do like it. I will not count this reading cycle as complete until this book is finished!
  • The Devil's Child (Forbidden Fruit Part II) by Melissa Silvey
    •  I have started in on Melissa's penultimate bad romance's sequel. So far there are some things that carry over from the previous book and others that shake up the formula a bit. I'm still pretty early on, but this promises to be an interesting continuation of the original story. I think this is one that I will probably read slow and steady and just kind of enjoy it at my own pace. 
  • Injustice Vol. 2 by Tom Taylor
    • I really liked Vol. 1 and needed to get back into this series so I purchased the second volume. I'm done with the first issue which picks up pretty much where the last one left off, but a bunch of time has passed. There is a lot going on in this one and the plot felt a little scattered in some ways, but it was also nice that I felt a sense of scope and that all of the threads from the last issue were mostly followed up on. I think most of this will be read in a singular binge session like the last one. I'll probably read one or two more in isolation and then just pour through the rest, probably over a weekend, but I may also try and spread this one out a bit - we'll see. 
  •  Everyone Dies at the End by Riley Westbrook
    • I was not originally on my scheduled reads but I stumbled across a forum post by the author asking for early reviews of the work. Because of the title, I assumed this would be a bit of a spoof on the Zimbie apocalypse genre but it that is not the case. I think I'm still enjoying it well enough though since it is typical of the genre in some ways and very different in others. It's not super long so I imagine I will finish and have a review up for it before long.
I'm planning on reading:
  • The Hunger Games (The Hunger Games # 1)by Suzanne Collins
    • So since I am a couple of books ahead of my 2015 Goodreads reading challenge schedule, I will be re-reading this one so that I can put up a review. I toyed with the idea of just reviewing it, but it's been almost two years since I last read it and I'm ahead of my reading game so I figure it would be best just to refresh myself on this since I plan to jump right into Catching Fire immediately after.
  • Catching Fire (The Hunger Games # 2) by Suzanne Collins
    • As soon as I finish up with The Hunger Games, I will be jumping right into this one. 
  • Unstable Prototypes (Big Sigma Book 2) by Joseph R. Lallo
    • I've been holding off on this one since I have other eBooks to read (three of them as listed above). Once those are all finished and reviewed, I will be buying this one from the Kindle store. 
I'm currently writing:
  • I've gotten a bit of the planning done for my next big project and found some helpful ways of organizing all of the people, places, and things that will be playing a part in it. I think there will be a reveal of some kind coming soon for this as well as possibly a new page for major works that are in progress. 
  • As mentioned elsewhere on this blog, both of the short stories I wrote will be appearing in the collection currently entitled Visions of: The Future. Right now, I'm working on the cover art for this publication in an attempt to further support the collection. I will likely be doing some sort of reveal for that once it is finally ready and approved by the author sponsoring this production. 
  • Digitarum trivia was a lot of fun for me to do. I plan on doing more neat things like that since the book is already out, but I'm also planning on going a bit deeper into the writing process. This will start with a post on how I used music to help set the mood for certain moments in Digitarum and will likely expand from there to even include a 3 part walk-through on how to get something indie published.
Early on, there won't be much else aside from the four reviews that I have planned along with the post about the use of music when writing Digitarum. After that is when I will likely jump into some of the more writing-centric posts on my process as well as announcements about my coming works. All of which will help fill in the gap between when I finish this reading cycle and when I get around to finishing the Hunger Games and Unstable Prototypes.


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