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A tale of young heroes and their OKRs... There are plenty of books out there that boast being able to help you solve all your business-y problems, but few that actually deliver anything meaningful or at least tangibly actionable - many too entrenched in theory rather than practice. RADICAL FOCUS manages to find a place among those few while also handling the subject in a delightfully surprising way that some may just even describe as radical !  HOW I RATED IT  5/5  Not only is this book clearly written from actual experience, but it also leaves things broad enough for you to have an open mental dialog with the text that helps relate back to how you might be able to use the material AND manages to cover the it all in a fun and engaging manner.  CONTENT / SUBJECT MATTER The book mainly advertises that it is about OKRs which stands for Objectives and Key Results. The idea is that using these can help you better understand how your team and product are doing by settin


Lately I've been giving a couple of "bookish" subscription boxes a chance. These are a fun way to get a random, surprise assortment of items that can be a nice little treat at the right price point and delivery cadence.  These are the two different services that I've tried out:  MARVEL COLLECTOR CORPS CULTURE CARTON


Mutants and Marvels... While not really a "bookish" box service, I do enjoy putting Funko's products on a bookshelf as dorky decoration.  WHAT'S INSIDE? Marvel Collector Corps  boxes are produced by Funko so the main attraction with these is always the exclusive Funko Pop figure (those adorable figures of licensed characters with huge heads). The boxes are nice enough on the outside - each fitting their designated theme. For anyone that's been following this service for a while though, it may be worthwhile to note that there's nothing on the inside of them. Older un-boxing and review videos showcase some nice comic artwork on the inner lining of prior boxes, but it seems they've moved away from that based on the two that I've received. It's possible that this is because no one was really paying attention to it - I can't say that I felt like I was missing out. CLASSIC X-MEN The January box I received had a theme of "Classic X-me


Hold the bath bombs... There are no shortage of box subscriptions out there that contain books and bookish things, but a lot of them are decidedly targeted toward a female audience. Don't get me wrong, I'm not violently opposed to scented candles, frilly packaging, or even romantic YA fiction, that's just not something I'm really looking to subscribe to. Sure there are some options out there that focus on just delivering books, but I kind of wanted little surprise side things too. What I landed on is a service called Culture Carton . WHAT'S INSIDE? Culture Carton puts its focus on delivering both books and assorted items that seek to help subscribers look, feel, and be more cultured. This consists of one book and a variable number of other items. Generally, these other gifts aren't really related to books at all, but each box does have a theme. When I signed up, I actually opted to get a second mystery box from the pool of previously shipped packages (I