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Ragnarok  is coming... INTRODUCTION  With the release of Marvel's THOR: RAGNAROK right around the corner, nothing seemed more appropriate than to borrow my roommate's copy of Neil Gaiman's NORSE MYTHOLOGY to read while I ride the hype train. I'm not a huge connoisseur of Gaiman's vast library of works, but I did enjoy reading his novel, STARDUST , and graphic novel, MARVEL 1602 . I also love all things mythology so needless to say, I dove into this one with a good deal of enthusiasm. HOW I RATED IT  5/5  Lovingly composed, written with enthusiastic wit, and teeming with all the wonder of the gods and their greatest legends, this take on the classic Norse tales is a must have for anyone who calls themselves a fan of mythology and folklore.  CHARACTERS Obviously, the way that "characters" come off in myths is quite different from how they are portrayed in a novel or really any form of modern storytelling. These personalities are certainly disti