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INTRODUCTION  If you've read my reviews of RAT QUEENS VOLUME 1: SASS AND SORCERY and RAT QUEENS VOLUME 2: THE FAR REACHING TENTACLES OF N'RYGOTH , then you know that I'm a big fan of this series. The story is charmingly irreverent, the characters are an embodiment of everything feminism should be, and the art is positively stunning. I've never felt that it was a perfect comic series, but it's definitely one that I get a lot of entertainment out of and didn't think I could get enough of. That was, until I finally picked up RAT QUEENS VOLUME 3: DEMONS , the third collection which I've been highly anticipating. For some reason, the series has taken a rather troubling turn and I'm no longer sure if I am as excited about the series as I once was.  HOW I RATED IT  3/5  I was highly tempted to rate this volume at a two based on how much disappointment it caused me, but after some contemplation, I've settled on a three. Effectively, I feel as tho


INTRODUCTION: If you haven't already seen my post on Free Comic Book Day 2016, then definitely go and check that out. If you have, then you may remember that I tentatively promised to do a review roundup of what I was able to get for free online during that day. I'm here now to deliver on that and discuss some of the great digital comics which I was able to read thanks to the power of free stuff. Four of these came from 2015's FCBD and one of them looks like it was from 2014, but I included it in this list anyway. THE COMICS 1) Stanl Lee's Chakra The Invincible Special 2015  It was interesting to me that this work include's the immortal Stan Lee's name right in the title. For those that live under a rock so far as superheroes are concerned, Stan Lee is the father of some of the most famous heroes in the Marvel universe like Spiderman, The Fantastic Four, and The X-men. With a pantheon of iconic characters and a countless number of movie cameos


INTRODUCTION  The magic of fairy tales captivates our youth and manages to stick with us in adulthood as fondly kept memories. Lately, adultified or simply modernized incarnations of classic fairy tales or the fairy tale format has been a popular means by which adults can revisit those classic tales or introduce them to their own children. One author capitalizing off of the world's love for re-imagined fairy tales is Neil Gaiman. His novel, STARDUST is the first that I've read of him and given all the love this guy gets, it goes without saying that I went in with some pretty high expectations.  STARDUST  is a story written in the style of childhood stories and fables, but it is definitely not written for a younger audience. Gaiman takes the iconic storybook narrative format and embellishes it with richly mature vocabulary, a cast of morally ambiguous characters, and plenty of R-rated content. This is the adult fairy tale I didn't know I wanted, but now that I've read


2016 Happy Free Comic Book Day (FCBD) 2016 to all! For those who don't know, Free Comic Book Day happens on the first Saturday of May each year, that being today (the date of this post). I've taken advantage of some of the days digital offerings on Amazon and Comixology before, but in general, those are digital booklets of comics from past FCBDs, issues that are always free, or just comics that happen to be free on that day (Comixology always has a rotating selection of freebies for download). But this year, I joined a couple of friends and actually attended the event in person at a local comic shop.  It was pretty cool to see so many people out for this specific event and the comic shop I went to did a nice job of funneling people in and out so that they could check out the other things happening on the street (the city made a nice little event out of the day). I snagged my two free comics (groups were allowed up to four) and purchased a graphic novel while I was


Neil Gaiman is one of the most widely praised and beloved authors of our time, not to mention one of the most diverse in terms of his writing resume. His work spans from novels to comics and even illustrated children's books. All of this said, I've never actually read much of his work. The only thing I've ever sampled was his comic issue, "A Black and White World" from the BATMAN BLACK AND WHITE series, which was really just okay. It was kind of a prolonged gag or spoof that wasn't as clever as it thought it was. So as far as first impressions go, I was woefully underwhelmed and it doesn't help matters that I rarely enjoy things that are widely celebrated. I'm not a hipster or anything, I think stuff just gets over-hyped for me and then fails to live up to the grandiose expectations that I've set for it. Ultimately though, I DO want to give some of his work a fair shake, so I've decided to do so with one of his novels and one of his comics/


In honor of Free Comic Book Day, I've got the eBook edition of Digitarum up for free on Amazon . No, Digitarum isn't a comic, but hey, in the spirit of giving out free stuff, I figured I'd run a free promotion day all the same. You can pick it up at if you'd like and I hope you have a happy FCBD!